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Business Aviation Training Solutions

Welcome to Business Aviation Training Solutions Ltd – BATS – your ultimate destination for expertly managed, cost-effective training for freelance pilots, aircraft owners and operators. Our team of experienced professionals can support you with every aspect of your training, managing over 1,000 simulator training events annually, providing unbeatable value and tailored training packages with the top providers worldwide. Not only do we offer competitive training costs, we also provide training management services ensuring flight crew currencies are maintained, and we can also provide assistance and support for any issues that may arise during your training.

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Cost-Effective Training

By managing a large volume of simulator training events annually, we are able to offer reduced costs for self-funding pilots, aircraft owners and operators.

Training Management Services

We provide support to ensure flight crew currencies are maintained and offer specialized assistance for any issues that may arise during training.

Specialist Advice

Our team offers specialized advice to help resolve any difficulties that may arise during training.


Tailored Training Support

We offer customized training support services to meet the specific needs of clients. Contact us to learn more about our pricing and services.

Common Ground Training Course

Ground training can be a hassle, with multiple providers in different locations at different times. We understand the challenge this presents and have the solution – Our fully NAA compliant Common Ground Training course. Designed to meet all your ground training requirements, this 2-day event held in LHR or BRU, is available on multiple dates throughout the year covering topics such as: 


Medical and First Aid


Fire and Smoke


CRM Recurrent


Peer Support Program


Safety and Quality


Simulated Wet Ditching


UK Security Training (LHR Only)


Emergency and Safety Equipment


Unlock the convenience and flexibility of e-learning with BATS!

Through our partnership with Scandlearn, we offer access to the Scanlearn e-learning platform, designed to enhance your training experience and make it more accessible than ever.

Whether you’re looking to advance your flight skills or maintain your flight crew currency, our e-learning services offer you the flexibility and convenience you need, at competitive prices.


BATS provides all services and courses individually, but we also offer training packages that combine any of our training and support services at discounted rates.

Our team is available to discuss your specific needs and create a customized package that meets your requirements and budget.


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Sonya MacGregor

Crew Training Department Manager